About Janet

An introduction to me.

I believe coaching is an effective way to help people achieve extraordinary results in their lives by providing a safe and supportive environment where exploration, learning and discovery can take place and new skills can be developed. I am passionate about empowering people to see beyond their self-limiting beliefs and take positive action in order to achieve their desired goals and outcomes. I see that people are most happy and fulfilled when they are making their unique contribution in the world.

I work by drawing out the best in people, focusing on their strengths and encouraging them to do the same, whilst holding them accountable for their choices and actions. I coach with clarity, rigour and compassion and never cease to be amazed at the depth and breadth of my clients’ courage and creativity.

I have coached over 200 individuals and have completed around 2000 coaching hours.

Qualifications & Affiliations

Coaching Skills Trainer

Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE)


Mentor Coach



Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

International Coaching Federation (ICF)


Certified Coach



Janet MacDonald

I have had a rigorous training with the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) and am currently a mentor and assessor for their coaches in training around the world; the students vary from those who have no prior coaching experience to highly experienced coaches, who having discovered the ACE model, wish to add it to their repertoire. I am a Licensed Academy Trainer, delivering coaching and training to businesses and organisations in times of change. I am the only person in the UK qualified to deliver the ACE Coaching Skills Training, a life-changing programme that can be learned over 3 days, and utilised with immediate effect.

I specialise in supporting teams and individuals to create meaningful relationships, improve motivation, and produce extraordinary results.

Continuing Professional Development

I am a fully paid up member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). To maintain my membership I am required to demonstrate that I have obtained at least 40 hours of continuing coach education every 3 years.

I renew my ACE Coaching Skills Training accreditation annually by attending a 2-day renewal programme put on by ACE, usually held in Stockholm with my fellow European coaches.

I also have monthly one to one supervision and a one hour per month of group supervision with ACE.

Back Story

Before discovering coaching I was a shiatsu practitioner, trainer and assessor with The Shiatsu Society (UK) I considered myself very lucky as I loved my work, especially teaching and working with people with cancer at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. I saw that people often used their cancer diagnosis as a wake-up call and wanted to explore more meaning in their lives. At the time I wished I had more tools to help them other than relieving their pain and giving lifestyle advice.

Then one day through a set of coincidences (maybe!) I found myself on a weekend course in Chicago called ‘The Energy of Money’. By the end of the first day I knew that what this inspiring trainer Maria Nemeth was doing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! I had discovered the difference between advising and empowering. I could now see a way of helping the patients at the Cancer Help Centre.

It was quite a long journey from that day to become a certified coach, in fact it took 3 years with that very trainer, Maria and her team at the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE). Many visits to the US later and attending tele-classes from 3- 5 am (as the only UK attendee) proved my dedication but my main motivating factor was learning how to empower people to cut through their limiting beliefs and be the best of who they are. I continue to grow and develop by using the principles I learned then. I am grateful for my good fortune, doing the work I love to better the lives of others.

Personal Interests

I live in Dundee and my interests include walking Cuillin the dog, rambling in the countryside with my close friends, art, yoga and the challenge of completing the weekly Guardian prize crossword.

If you would like to discuss taking your business or your life to a new level, please contact me on 07973 521 624 or janet@janetthecoach.co.uk