Coaching for Individuals

Welcome to my individual coaching page. Maybe like others, you are considering coaching or are interested in finding out more about it, for one of 3 reasons.

1) You know what you want and need help to get there.

  • you may have already have a clear vision of something you want to achieve but are unsure of how to start it.
  • you are part way through a project/goal and are losing motivation.
  • you want more time for yourself outside of work and commitments to do more of what you’d love to do but it never seems to happen.
  • you are procrastinating on the things that matter to you.

2) You know what you don’t want but are unsure what you do want.

  • You would love to do things differently, but you seem to ‘be your own worst enemy’.
  • at the end of each day you mostly feel dissatisfied with the day you have had.
  • An aspect of your life is not going the way you’d like it to, (e.g. health, relationship, money etc) and you’re unsure what to do about it.

3) Change is being thrust upon you, eg redundancy, retirement, illness etc

  • You are retiring from work but feel you’ve still a lot to give
  • you have been made redundant and would like to try a change of direction
  • you are recovering from illness, your priorities have changed and you want to contribute in a different way

Individual coaching will support you to:

Live by your values.

What would it be like to end your day satisfied, because you know you have been successful in doing what is important for you? To know without a doubt that you are acting on what matters most to you?

Realise your vision.

What if you were consistently doing the things that are in keeping with your vision, instead of always waiting until “later” to act on what is most important to you?

Become unstoppable!

What if you were consistently bringing your best to each situation, no longer being held back by obstacles? What if you had the power to bounce back, respond quickly, and keep moving forward even when things do not go the way you planned?

You can do it
Janet coaching a client