Group Coaching for Public & 3rd Sector Organisations

I support people from challenging backgrounds and situations to create a meaningful, fulfilling life for themselves. Coaching helps people to generate lasting shifts in the way they see and do things, so that life becomes easier and more rewarding.

Participants are taught concepts and tools to help them: 

  • craft a vision for their future
  • identify their unique strengths and values 
  • create goals that inspire them
  • get support to achieve their goals step-by-step
  • create new habits to apply in all areas of life 

The coaching is suitable for client groups such as:

  • long-term unemployed
  • young people who don’t see a positive future for themselves
  • people recovering from chronic or major illness, both mental and physical, who need a new start
  • people leaving prison, and wishing to create a different way of life
  • people recovering from addiction 
  • people having to deal with challenging or unexpected circumstances

The ACE coaching approach sees all people as ‘heroes’ of their own lives and having their own answers. It focuses on bringing the best of the person to the fore; their innate values, talents and authenticity. This allows doubts, worries and self-limiting beliefs to fade into the background, thereby creating a fertile ground for creativity and positive action to occur. 

The groups last a minimum of eight weeks. They take place in a safe, respectful and confidential environment where exploration and discovery are encouraged. Each session culminates in an action to be achieved by the following session. The actions are both small and manageable so that immediate results and an experience of success are produced for the client. 

Possible outcomes include:

  • long term unemployed - restored confidence to return to work 
  • young people - planning for a positive and meaningful future
  • ex-offenders - developing skills to help turn their lives around
  • people recovering from illnesses - using their courage to start afresh


Salma Hanif Gani

I would like to say thank you very much for doing the confidence workshop. Please know that you have made such a big difference in the lives of the learners who attended the invaluable workshop. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I have spoken to management about the positive impact your workshops have and we are looking to book you for possible future workshops, if you are happy to do. Thank you again

Group Coaching for Public & 3rd Sector Organisations